WHICH is used especially in the United Kingdom being one of the 4 types of timpact tests.

WHICH is the name of a consumer association in the United Kingdom, an association founded in 1957. This association began testing car seats for children in 1967.

The products for testing are selected anonymously from different retailers. Independent laboratories and testing houses are used to perform the tests for WHICH:

Each seat is tested for comfort and all aspects of ergonomics.

The car seats are tested with special front impact and side impact mannequins to check their safety.

At the same time, the ergonomics are tested with the help of children, not with mannequins. Check the support of the head area and the position of the legs.

A key factor to consider is the clarity of the instructions and the ease of installing both the car seat and the child in the seat.

WHICH experts together with parents and children test each chair separately to see how easy it is to install, because an incorrectly installed chair will not work properly in the event of an impact.

The seats are mounted in 3 different car models to check their compatibility with various types of cars. It is also checked how much space the car seat occupies in the car, how much space remains for the other children and whether, after the assembly of the seat, the front passenger seat can be used or not.

The WHICH impact test marks the tested seats with the BEST BUY or DO NOT BUY marking..