Ce folosim pentru bebe: landou sau scoica?

What do we use for babies: pram or shell? is the question that is frequently asked in the Child Car Safety Center, at special courses dedicated to parents or webinars.

And our answer, repeated obsessively is: the shell, meaning the car seat specially created for the newborn is the safe solution for transporting a baby starting with the first trip from the maternity home and until it has reached the maximum height or weight for which it has been approved by the manufacturer.

However, many expectant parents forget to put their car seat on the long shopping list.

This is probably because the pram is the image we have learned to associate with the notion of baby, comfort, protection.

And that’s right. It’s just not in the car.

The pram is wonderful when you walk in the park, when you go to the beach and you want your baby to sleep, but the pram never plays the role of a safety device in case of an impact.

Unfortunately, this information does not reach all parents and for this reason there are tragedies like yesterday, July 29, 2020.

In short, a baby of only 9 months had no chance in case of an accident by side impact (attention- not frontal) produced by not giving priority. And that’s just because the parents considered the land to be the safest transportation option.

Ce folosim pentru bebe: landou sau scoica?

For more details, here is the complete link with the news for https://www.fanatik.ro/accident-grav-in-olt-un-bebelus-de-9-ani-a-murit-dupa-ce-tatal-sau-nu-a-oprit-la-stop-19267492.

If you have questions or doubts about the most suitable models of shells for new-born , do not hesitate to contact us or visit Children’s Car Safety Center.

Dear parents, please: use the shell, the car seat or the car belt according to the child’s age.

Protect the life you have brought into the world and whose smile means all that is most beautiful!


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