Impreuna in Siguranta #stamacasa

Together, in Safety, #stayhome because your safety, our dear parent and our dear grandfather, is as important as the safety of your child or grandson.

And because we, the team of the #ChildrensCarSafety Center, value life, please let us advise you and help you from a distance, without exposing you or exposing ourselves together to unknown risks.

The pandemic will not last long, we hope, so until things calm down, try to limit travel with your child as much as possible. Obviously, if you have purchased or want to purchase a car seat for a much-needed trip, such as leaving the maternity ward, we are here, next to you, available by phone for orders and by video call to guide you in installing the car seat.

We know that this is not an easy period, we know that we are the ones who recommend, as experts in #autocopy safety, that car seats be tested before purchase and installed by a specialist, but exceptional situations require exceptional measures and that is why we want to we assure you that even from a distance we will be in constant contact with the responsible parents and grandparents and we will seek to help you as best we can with “teleconsilation” and “teleinstallation” sessions.

We also want to apologize, but in the same epidemic context, the Center #ChildrensCarSafety stops the car rental service for children.

Call us at any time at the phone number 0771.799.312 or send us an email on address or send us a message on the Facebook page and we promise that we will be there, with you with the best advice and recommendations regarding the car safety of your child.

It remains as we established: Together, in Safety, #stayhome and we see each other healthy after the pandemic!