The Testimonials section is intended for parents who want to share with us how the car seat saved the lives of their children and want to motivate other parents through the power of example and determine them to use the car seat for any trip with the vehicle in which the little ones find out on board.

We also invite the friends of the Child Safety Center to let us pass on here the experience they had when they crossed our threshold. Sergiu M. “It was a beautiful day in August last year when we and my grandparents came to visit from a mini trip, halfway home on a national road a car coming from the opposite direction suddenly turned in the opposite direction for no apparent reason, we suspect it was a moment of inattention, the impact was so great that both cars were declared total damage and for the other driver came the helicopter, fortunately we only had trauma from the seat belts and our 6-month-old daughter was very well protected from the shell at the time (britax romer baby safe 2 i-size). Otherwise the trip would have turned into a tragedy for all of us. We will soon replace it with a car seat that also meets the new safety standards. Our advice: never take children out of the seat while driving. and don’t save your life !!! “

Ioana P. “The team there is very kind and patient, they stayed after the program until I tested several seats. We received advice on which seats are more suitable for our children, they did not rush to sell us a specific one, they even advised us to wait for the baby to grow and to look for a seat later. Fortunately, I found one that would fit well. I recommend them!”

Mirela S.“The most professional car seat store. We made an appointment to test a seat and our expectations were exceeded 100 times: we were called the day before to confirm the appointment and we were asked if we thought of any models so that they were ready for testing. , when we arrived the staff was waiting for us, extra friendly, well informed, open to customer needs. We tested the seats in the same way both in the store and in the car so we went for a test and left with the perfect car seat for us 😁 “

Florentina G.“I was in the showroom on Saturday to install a Britax seat. All good and beautiful, except that the seat we bought was not exactly recommended for the child’s age. From our documentaries and from the specifications of the Britax seat, everything seemed perfect, we were really very happy with the choice made. The girls in the showroom, who are extremely nice and full of information, explained to us why the child is not yet ready for that seat, why it is recommended that up to 4 years old to sit RF, which seats are now suitable for him, which have Good sleeping position, which better fit our car. After we mounted the Britax and left the showroom, we called the girls to tell them that we were going back to buy the seat they recommended – a Be Safe Izi Kid. They were extremely nice and were right over the schedule to help us install the new seat. Grade 10 ++ for Saturday girls in the showroom! Extremely kind! I recommend going and talking to them before buying a car seat. The child accepted the seat immediately, sits very comfortably, sleeps extremely well in it. He has a correct and relaxed position. A huge difference between what we chose and what the girls recommended. Thanks again.”