We offer for the first time at Centrul Siguranta Auto Copii , a synthesis with the test results ADAC car shells children 0-1.5 years.

In the section dedicated to impact tests, you can find out more about how to perform and interpret these tests.

Each type of seat is analyzed in terms of safety father-in-law (with 50% of the total result), ease of use (40% weight), ergonomics (10% weight), toxicity of the textile materials of the cover, ease of use. to be maintained and cleaned.

You will notice how, in the case of some models, if the result of one of these tests is really disastrous, this is reflected in the final grade given to that seat (for example there are models with an acceptable safety score, but with extremely toxic textiles, and the final grade given by ADAC is the one corresponding to the toxicity score).

For additional information, please contact our specialized consultants, who can provide you with details about the behavior of the seat during the safety test, related to each type of impact: front, rear side, rolling.

Happy reading and SAFE ROADS!

Rezultate ADAC scoici auto 0-1,5 ani

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