Rezultatele testelor ADAC scaune auto copii 0-7 ani

The results of ADAC car seats tests for children 0-7 years are few, because this category has not been extensively marketed in Germany. The category of chairs 0-7 years is rather specific to the markets of the Nordic countries.

The ADAC testing for this category today includes only 4 models, and the performance in the ADAC tests of these models was not spectacular.

One of the factors is mainly the much more laborious, more complicated way of installation. This led to the de-punctuation of these models and in one case even to the interruption of the text and the granting of the minimum grade of 5.5. E (this is the Diono Radian 5 model, a car seat highly appreciated by parents who are followers of prolonged Rear-Facing, but which, at least in the version tested by ADAC had rather unclear instructions for use and which prevented experts to be able to mount it and test it properly on impact.

Some of the brands have taken a stand on the ADAC result, ie Axkid and Diono . The rule of the prestigious German Automobile Club is not to repeat the test and to consider the final grades.

Rezultatele testelor ADAC scaune auto copii 0-7 ani

These results reinforce the recommendation of the Child Safety Center that the installation of complex models of car seats in the category of Extended Rear-Facing, ERF be done by a specialist, who also has the obligation to further train parents to reinstall the seat correctly. auto.

We are at your disposal for specialized advice regarding the choice, installation and maintenance of car seats in the category of Extended Rear-Facing (ERF). You can make an appointment for testing and installation HERE or you can consult us by phone in if you do not live in Bucharest to provide remote support.

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