This section presents some child car seat statistics, relevant to the importance of the concept of compatibility and correct installation of these safety devices in your car.


A study conducted in Great Britain, the country with a rate of infant mortality by road accident, well below the rate in Romania showed that: 


  • 86% of families incorrectly positioned the newborn in a chair.


  • 77% of parents installed the car seat incorrectly.


  • In 69% of children, the belts were insufficiently tensioned.


  • 2 out of 5 seats are mounted at an incorrect tilt angle.


  • 1 in 3 seats has the belts left in the wrong slot.


  • One in 5 parents uses an uncertified chair.


  • 44% of the seats installed in the belts are not fixed properly and move on the bench more than 2.5 cm.


  • Half of the seats that use seat belts did not lock the seat belt retractor.


  • Many parents have incorrectly used seat belt guides.


  • 11% of the tested car seats had their belts twisted, which reduces their effectiveness in the event of an accident.


Here are the findings of some specialists:

“A number of studies have shown that an incorrect angle of inclination can lead to injury to the baby, especially if it is placed in an upright position, as the baby’s head may fall forward and obstruct the airways,” explains Dr. Hoffman. addressing seemingly less serious errors. “And a displacement of 2.5 cm may not seem serious, but:” If there is a displacement greater than 2.5 cm, the seat moves, allowing the forces resulting in the impact to be transmitted to the child’s body, not the car or the stool itself, which will lead to injury to the child.”

 In the blog section of the site we will present other child car seat statistics relevant to Europe in general and our country in particular.