With a population of over 19.41 million inhabitants and a poorly developed road infrastructure, Romania occupies for several consecutive years the first place in the number of car deaths produced in the European Union with a rate of 96 deaths / 1 million inhabitants (unchanged from 2018 to 2019). Among the deaths and serious injuries caused by road accidents, children occupy a significant place, without much change in the last two years. One of the most important elements that we managed to identify as the cause of death or serious injuries among children who were passengers in the car involved in the accident is that more than 2 thirds (76%) were not trapped in the car seat. approved (ADAC / PLUS / OAMTC / WHICH / NHTSA tested).

From these statistics, the CHILDREN’S CAR SAFETY FOUNDATION has begun to build a strategy for educating parents and parents about the importance of using safety systems (tested car seats for children.

Together with partners from the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations , the Titi Aur ”Defensive Driving Academy , Road Brigade , Children’s Car Safety Foundation started 4 major projects in Romania , all aimed at educating parents and reducing the number of deaths caused by traffic incidents among children aged 0-12 years with the aim of 0 deaths by 2030

  1. Initiation of a monthly program of free courses for parents and prospective parents with the theme Little Passenger Car Safety .

The courses are developed by Dr. Alice Dona-Mitu , Accredited Expert in Child Car Safety , in collaboration with Reserve Commissioner Costin Tatuc , Traffic Safety Expert s < He enjoys the support and collaboration of Mr. Cristian Caldararu from the Department for Emergency Situations and of the specialized trainers from the Titi Aur Defensive Management Academy ”. HERE find out more about Free Small Passenger Car Safety Courses.

2. “Children’s Car Safety” National Caravan, – series of itinerant events that include free sessions for testing / installing child car seats in various major cities of Romania. In 2019 and early 2020, the project Caravana Nationala Siguranta Auto Copii took place in Bucharest, Ilfov, Iași, Arad, Constanța . HERE find out more about the National Car Safety Caravan event that will take place in your city. 

3. Initiation of the annual event: Little Passenger Car Safety Week , whose first edition took place between July 13-18, 2020 and consisted of a series of special actions dedicated to children’s car safety: actions carried out in traffic in collaboration with the Bucharest Road Brigade and the Constanta Traffic Police, simulations of impact tests with a child mannequin in the polygon specially arranged at the Titi Aur Academy, webinars for parents in order to explain the notions of car safety for children, testimonial contests for parents who they had the experience to understand the importance of a child car seat in a car accident. Find out HERE about the events included in Small Passenger Car Safety Week program.

4. Your child’s car safety starts in the maternity ward , a project carried out in Bucharest together with ASSMB and in Constanta with the support of local partners. HERE learn more about how you can benefit from a car loan shell through your child’s Car Safety project starting from Maternity.

Car Safety Foundation Children has purchased a number of 30 ADAC-certified newborn shells, which they make available to new parents free of charge, on a period of 3 days , to be able to take their babies out of the maternity ward. The aim of the project is to educate new parents about the awareness that babies must travel exclusively in retention devices, special car seats, from the first trip.

5. Development of a network of Child Car Safety Centers in Romania , a unique project in Romania. We are proud of the opening of the first two centers in Bucharest ( July 17, 2019) and Constanta (September 17, 2020). The next Child Car Safety Centers will be open starting in 2021 in all major cities in Romania, so that parents have easier access to specialized advice on choosing, installing and maintaining car seats and seat accessories children’s car.

6. The Scrap for Car Seats project, a project through which the Children’s Car Safety Foundation aims to remove used car seats from the waste circuit, giving them a new life and thus contributing to greening the environment by reusing plastic, metal, textiles from the composition of car seats in the manufacture of useful items.

7. Realization in partnership with Bucharest Road Brigade of a series of videos on road education topics for small traffic participants, in order to reduce the number of accidents among pedestrians, passengers in cars, cyclists, scooter users.

Through all these projects and many others that it aims to develop in partnership with its partners, CHILDREN’S CAR SAFETY FOUNDATION Romania will change the mentality of its parents through a constant process of education, to change the perception of the authorities regarding the importance of car safety of the youngest traffic participants, so that, through all its actions at the end of 2030 we can talk about 0 deaths on Romanian roads among children under 14.