Bucharest Road Traffic Brigade in partnership with Children Car Safety Foundation and ational Police Corps produced a first series of Road Traffic Educational movies for children passengers.
The initiative of the Road Traffic Brigade is extraordinary because the main reason behind low utilization rate for CRS and seatbelt for children pasengers is lack of correct information available for parents, grandparents regarding the importance of these safety systems.
The first movie realized in cooperation with Road Traffic Police explains what is a car seat, when it should be used and which are the rules that the young passengers should respect when they travel in a car.

The second movie produced along with Road Traffic Police explains with very clear terms what is a seatbelt, how it should be used and which is its role for protecting the passengers in the cars.

The series of educational films made by the Bucharest Road Brigade will continue during 2021 when new topics of interest will be addressed such as crossing, moving children as pedestrians, using bicycles, scooters and other non-motorized vehicles.