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Our Mission and Values are based on un one thing: love for children, for the most wonderful gift that every parent received when they heard their baby’s first cry.

The Children Car Safety Foundation is proud of the implementation of the First Action Plan for Reducing the Number of Victims of Road Accidents among Children from age group 0-12 Years.

The objectives proposed by the Children Car Safety Foundation  are the following:

  • Decreasing the incidence of serious road accidents in Romania with child victims with a target of 0 deaths by 2030, in accordance with in accordance with Vision Zero, the ambitious European traffic safety project.
  • Increase the use rate of car seats from 20% as it is currently to 70% by 2025

Here are the concrete actions included in this Action Plan:

1. Program for educating parents and future parents regarding the correct way of transporting children in the car by organizing courses online or offline and introducing a module with notions of car safety of small passengers in the program of parenting courses organized by maternity hospitals and other specialized organizations.









2. Program to increase the degree of social responsibility by sending messages to the target audience consisting of parents, grandparents, older children.







Along with these guidelines, the Children Car Safety Foundation is proud of two unique projects:

1.The project “Your Child’s Car Safety Starts from Maternity” – a program through which parents whose children are born in maternity hospitals in Bucharest benefit for 3 days from a rented car seat (which they will receive for free) to take their children out of maternity..







2. The project “Second Chance of the Car Seat for Children” – incentive program for parents with older children in the sense of continuing to use the car seat according to the road legislation in force and also responsible recycling of used car seats by transforming them into useful furniture items. In this way, these objects that contain a lot of plastic, metal and textiles will no longer reach the landfill and will find “a new life”.








This year, Children Car Safety Foundation became Romania’s voice at the most prestigious conference dedicated to transporting children by car, the conference organized by TUV Muchen, so that good practices are present in other European countries, countries where the number of deaths due to road accidents among children it’s been a few years 0.







Find out more about the Children’s Car Safety Foundation Projects and how you can contribute to their realization.


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