No-name car seats, present in increasing numbers on the Romanian market, are tempting options for parents.

I started this article because I was overwhelmed by questions about “prestigious” models, rotating 360 degrees, with Isofix, that is, recommended from birth and up to 12 years. All with names designed to inspire confidence, with descriptions compiled from the descriptions of recognized manufacturers in the industry.

As for us, children’s car safety is a grade 0 priority, we started to investigate the “case” and give you some clues to help you make the right decision..

  1. First check if the respective “brand” exists in other markets outside Romania
  2. Check whether or not the model in question has an impact test carried out by one of the international authorities competent in this regard: ADAC, OAMTC, Plus, NHTSA, Which.
  3. Carefully check the “reviews” present on the websites of major retailers. You may be surprised that most of them are unverified purchases.
  4. If in doubt, check HERE where you can find information on European safety alerts for “no-name car seat models” because all other EU countries are concerned about this.


These are just a few tips on market research that are good for you to do.

The main advice is to choose the seat after a pre-test on the car, with the child present because it is a product intended for the child, a product with long-term use, so the “beneficiary” must “decide” in this regard..

No-name car seats are not recommended by experts in Child Car Safety because their construction, installation and use raise big questions about the possible risks both for the child transported in the seat and for the driver or others. passengers in the vehicle (risk of catapulting, of transformation into projectiles in case of a sudden deceleration).

We look forward to seeing you at the Romania Child Car Safety Centers with the best advice related to transporting babies and children by car.

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