National Children Car Safety Caravan is an unique and ambitious project launched in 2019, project by which the Children Car Safety Foundation wants to bring correct information and advices regarding utilization and installation of car seats closer to every parent from Romania.

Along with specialists from Department of Emergency Situations, doctors, psycologists and officers from the Road Traffic Police, the experts from Children Car Safety Foundations explain to parents what is an accident for a small body of a child, which are the benefits of using a car seat from statistical point of view, which are the first aid measures that a parent can apply before the Emergency Ambulance comes to the scene of an accident with young victims.

Children Car Safety encourage parents to bring their cars, car seats and children to the event, in order for our experts to check the correct installation of the car seats and to get recommendation regarding utilization, adjustments, further checks to be done according to car seat model.

From the very beginning of our project, we have the support of various institutions and organizations such as Scouts of Romania, Titi Aur Deffensive Driving Academy, as well as nice people and responsible parents such as Mr Costin Tatuc, Mr Cristian Caldararu, Ramona Vrabie-Aur, Constantin Titi Aur, Laurentiu Mandu, Mihai Marin, Mihai Badica,. Alessandra Stoicescu, Ioana-Maria Moldovan, Ana-Maria Ivan, Alexandra Stanescu, Madalina Bosinceanu, Roxana Sotreanu, Gabriela Maalouf, Dr. Alexandra Cojocaru-Barbulescu.

We thank our partners from Bucharest, Iasi, Arad, Popesti-Leordeni, Constanta for their involvement in this project and we are looking forward to get to your town as well.