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My baby won’t sit in the car seat. What do you advise me to do?

She cries, she fidgets, she doesn’t want to see that seat under any circumstances. He just wants to be in his mommy’s arms or he wants to sit “like the big boys” in the seat next to his daddy.

What a miraculous solution can we find?

These are the questions we receive daily from parents visiting the Child Car Safety Centers Romania, or who contact us on the page Facebook Children’s Car Safety.

Here we now have an answer for you dear parents: the first book that teaches you with humor and gentleness how to make little passengers accept the car seat.

“Bebe nu sta in scaun” is the story of baby Pip who cried every car ride every time he was put in the car seat.

It is the story of many babies and mothers who do not know what to invent for their little ones.

“Bebe nu sta in scaun” is the first book in a series of 3 that wants to educate parents about the safety of their children in traffic.

This book is a project of Children’s Car Safety Foundation, project carried out together with the mother Ana-Maria Ivan, aka Zana Scutecel (as most of you know her).

We invite you to read the book with your little ones because we believe that, after this reading, the question: “What do I do? My baby won’t sit in the car seat.” it will be found less often among your problems dear mothers, fathers and grandparents.

We are glad that today, December 1, we officially launch this book, a small step, but so necessary in changing the sad statistics that place Romania in the first place of deaths due to a car accident among children aged 0 to 12 . It takes many such steps and as many parents involved as possible to understand that change is in each of us. Only in this way, by changing our attitude, overcoming the inherited customs, being an example for our children and for the other parents, we hope that other things related to the authorities will change..

The book can be purchased with a pre-order in the Child Car Safety Centers in Bucharest and Constanta or can be ordered by phone at the phone numbers: 0771 561 035 | 0786 788 788

The price of the book is 35 lei, and now, at launch, the first 300 copies can be purchased for 25 lei.

The first 50 copies will reach readers accompanied by the author’s signature: Zana Scutecel, Ambassador of the Romania Children’s Car Safety Foundation.



Bebe nu sta in scaun


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