How to transport 3 children in a car is a question that has been asked more and more often lately, a sign that the families blessed with 3 angels are more and more numerous in our country.

The answer is not at all simple because most of the time I found that the main problem of parents is that the car in which they want to install these seats, although apparently large sometimes, was not designed to safely carry 3 children in special car seats.

ADAC evaluated 332 vehicles from its database to see which are the most suitable options for parents with 3 children, and only a few models arrived on the short list.

Most of the time, for safety reasons, the rear seat is designed for 2 and a half seats and not for 3 passengers.

The new generation car seats are more voluminous, to increase child safety, so there is no physical possibility to install 3 seats on 2 and a half seats, even if we are talking about seat belts, not Isofix.

Here are the car models that still allow the installation (thanks to the special dimensions of the passenger compartment) of 3 seats on the rear seat. You will also notice in the list some models that have a second row of seats in the back, places where 2 car seats can also be installed.

But if we want all 3 of these seats to be attached to the Isofix system, our list changes and we are talking about other models, namely:

Some car manufacturers declare the rear seat in the middle for the safety of the child as “ not allowed” (for example Opel Zafira Tourer), so you must follow the recommendations in the car’s Owner’s Manual.

In some cases, ISOFIX child seats with anti-recoil foot (or device anti-rotation) are only permitted with restrictions (for example, they cannot be used in cars with floor storage compartments).

However, the driver is obliged by legislation to provide all children with adequate restraint devices. If the vehicle manual allows it, the child seat can also be mounted on the front passenger seat , with some special recommendations, such as deactivating the airbag and pushing the rear as far as possible. right front passenger seat.

The special recommendation of the experts from ADAC is that parents who have 3 children and intend to buy a new car for the family to go with the children’s car seats when they want to test the car to make sure they make the best choice and as well as other extremely important criteria such as safety, but especially the budget, the new vehicle is roomy enough for all family members.

The above-mentioned information is taken over and adapted according to ADAC recommendations and represents the result of research conducted by German experts.

We look forward to seeing you at Romania Child Car Safety Center , where our specialists I am happy to provide you with advice and recommendations on choosing and installing the right car seats for your children.