Cum instalez corect scaunul auto

How to install the car seat correctly is one of the questions we frequently receive from parents who contact us.

It is a natural question, especially if we take into account the fact that studies indicate that over 70% of the seats in cars are incorrectly installed and then their role in protecting the little ones in case of an accident is much reduced.

When there is an impact between two vehicles, a vehicle and a fixed body, or a sudden deceleration, the objects in the car move, and the injuries that passengers, adults or children suffer are the result of the impact between their body and these objects. moving.

From this idea of ​​post-impact movement also start the engineers of the big companies producing car seats for children when they are preparing to launch a new model on the market.

The space between the front seat or dashboard and the passenger of the car, whether he is an adult or a child seated in a special car seat, is called “survival space” by specialists. (Crash survival space: : Franchini, E., “The Crash Survival Space,” SAE Technical Paper 690005, 1969,

What is practically the presence of this “Survival Space” – means that in the second phase of the impact, if the front passenger seat, objects possibly attached to its headrest or the car dashboard if it is a seat installed on the right passenger seat is be far enough away from the child’s body so that there is no risk of crushing or seriously injuring him (we must know that the weight of objects increases exponentially with speed, ie it is not relevant that before impact a mobile phone for example weighing 200 grams, if in a deceleration from a speed of 50 km / k it weighs 49.2 kg). To practice and find out what the weight of bodies of various weights means in case of deceleration from various speeds, with or without seat belt, here is a useful link: -force.

In the case of a car seat installed with its back to the direction of travel, it has been calculated that the survival space is 25 cm (as well as the distance between the steering wheel and the driver’s chest must also be 25 cm).

Cum instalez corect scaunul auto







In the case of car seats installed facing the direction of travel, studies indicate a survival space must be 55 cm (because in the case of these seats, the forward movement of the head area and lower limbs of the passenger child due to inertia -impact is much higher).






It should be noted, however, that there are car seats in the Extended Rear-Facing category (those seats that are used exclusively with the back to the direction of travel until the age of 5-6 years), in which manufacturers, following tests, recommend supporting the headrest the child ‘s seat by the front passenger seat or which is installed less than 25 cm from the front seat. Most of these seats are very safe, being tested on impact (Plus or ADAC test) and having additional shock absorption systems. If you have a car seat from the Extended Rear-Facing category, it is good to check the existence of the installation recommendations in the seat manual and if you are unsure, we look forward to consulting you.

The experts of Child Safety Centers Romania are at your disposal with up-to-date information regarding the standards approval, safety tests performed for child car seats and car seat accessories and are ready at any time to answer the question: How do I install the car seat correctly.

Here are some general tips for using child car seats:









We wish you safe roads in 2021 with the little passengers, regardless of the chosen destination!






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