Cum folosim scaunele auto pentru copii in avion?









How do we use car seats for children on the plane? – this is a question we often receive from parents, especially before the summer holidays or the winter holidays.

Obviously, this year, the number of plane trips has been substantially reduced, but the problem of using or not using a car seat in the plane will always remain relevant.

The plane is perhaps the safest means of transport and has certainly contributed enormously to globalization, but we must know that even in the plane, in case of an emergency landing, of strong turbulence, small children are better protected in a special seat. and not in the arms of an adult or in a behavioral system (as I read on some blogs).









The first thing you need to know is that in order to use a car seat on the plane, you must first purchase a separate seat for the child, where this car seat will be installed. Depending on the airline and the age of the child, the price of this place varies.

When selecting the seat on the plane for the child, be careful not to opt for those seats located near the emergency exits of the aircraft. We recommend that you select a place next to the window, and the place of the child’s companion must be located next to the place of the little one.

Obviously, on the plane, you can only use those car seats with seat belts, not seat belts in Isofix.

The width of the seat must not exceed 45 cm (in order to be able to fit in the seat on the plane). It is good to opt for a less voluminous seat, easy to transport on the aisle of the aircraft. For babies, you can choose, for example, a lightweight shell such as Cybex Aton M, Maxi-Cosi Pebble or a wheeled shell such as Doona + (to solve the problem of the stroller in this way).

For older children, also choose a seat that can be transported more easily and that is easy to install on the plane (select one of the models highlighted in the TUV list).

The seats that can be taken on the plane must have a special certification, TUV certification, and you can find this information on a special label applied to the respective car seat:






Of course, before arriving at the airport, we recommend that you carefully study the policy of each airline regarding the air transport of small passengers. This is to prevent unpleasant situations, nerves or even the loss of a flight.

Both airlines and low-cost airlines display on their websites the policy regarding the transport of small passengers by plane.

Here are some useful examples of the search model for these policies:



Lufthansa has a special list which lists the car seats that have the special certification that allows their use in aircraft and we recommend that you consult this list because it is somehow universally valid ( at least in the case of line companies).

Regarding the installation of car seats in the plane, here are two useful videos, both in case the seat is installed Rear-Facing (with the back to the direction of travel).

Here are the steps to follow to install a Rear-Facing car seat

Installing a Rear-facing Diono Convertible Car Seat on an Airplane - YouTube

Here is an example of installing a Forward-Facing car seat in an airplane:






And because a plane trip can take a long time, we recommend that you find a pleasant activity, together with the little one: either play an age-appropriate game, or read them from your favorite book. An excellent, funny, interactive reading, in direct connection with the subject of Small Passenger Safety (in the car or on the plane), which we warmly recommend, is the newly launched book “Bebe Nu Sta in Scaun “, the first published in the series of 3 books written with” a lot of care and love “by Zana Scutecel , mother of 3 children and one of the most beloved bloggers in the parenting area, the first blogger who leaned with attention, seriousness and dedication and especially pro-bono on a major safety project: the Children’s Car Safety Foundation project.









I hope you find our article on: How do we use child car seats on the plane useful? . The specialists from the Child Car Safety Centers Romania are at your disposal with any other information related to traveling by plane with the little ones and wish you a pleasant flight !, whatever your chosen destination.


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