How do I find Isofix on my car? How do I know if I can install a seat with Isofix in the car are common questions we receive from parents.

The car seats, seat belts and seat belt systems of the various car seat models vary quite a bit.
Car seats have different shapes, some cars have shorter seat belts, or the anchor points of the centers are positioned differently in different moods of vehicles. All these things make the correct installation of a car seat with belt fastening more complicated and is the basis of the numerous installation errors of these models.

This is how Isofix was born – out of the desire to simplify the installation of car seats in the car and to reduce the number of installation errors.

What is Isofix in fact: these are two anchoring clamps to which we can attach the special car seat clamps. In addition to these special fasteners in Isofix, car seats in this category can have a splinter anti-recoil element: either a foot that rests on the car floor, or a supposed belt called Tether Strap that attaches to another element of the car: Top Tether ) which we most often find behind the back of the car seat, when we open the trunk).
Cum gasesc Isofix-ul la masina mea?

How do I find Isofix on my car?

To find out if your car has Isofix or not, check the rear seat, at the junction between the backrest and the seat and see if there are any markings called Isofix, or check the car manual. If the Isofix is ​​not clearly marked, try inserting your hand between the back of the rear seat and its seat and see if you can find any clamps (near the side seats of the rear seat on most cars).

Cum gasesc Isofix-ul la masina mea?

It is very important to know that the Isofix grip can secure a maximum total weight of 33 kg (seat weight plus child weight ISO 1326-1). Therefore, most car seats in the Rear-Facing category with exclusive grips in Isofix that have a total weight of about 15 kg , are approved for use by children weighing up to 18-19 kg . In order to be approved or receive a good test result, a chair in the Rear-Facing category extended with Isofix grip, must have a skeleton made of aluminum, so it is lighter (somewhere up to 10 kg). Such a seat is for example Axkid One Plus, declaring in Sweden the product of the year 2020 and tested Plus up to 125 cm.
Cum gasesc Isofix-ul la masina mea?

This is why evolutionary seats with Isofix, when used Forward Facing, must be fastened with both Isofix and the car belt if the child weighs more than 18 kg.

Tether Strap
Top Tether is the name of an additional belt with anti-recoil, anti-overturning role, the belt requires it to be attached to another fastening element present in cars, an element called Top Tether. Often this element is positioned behind the seat back and you can find it when you open the trunk, but it can also be positioned at the bottom of the trunk or on the roof of the car. In the vehicle manual you can find information about the positioning of this additional safety element.

Anti-recoil support

This additional safety element is attached to the base of the seats and rests on the floor of the car. Its role is to prevent the seat from overturning in the event of a collision.
Cum gasesc Isofix-ul la masina mea?

If you have not been able to identify the presence of the Isofix system on your car, here are the tips of the Experts Romania Child Car Safety Foundation :

1. Look for a good seat belt that you can use in a car that is not equipped with this fastening system.
There are enough belted models and exceptional impact test results (some much better than Isofix models). Think that the seat belt is designed to support the weight of an adult, so it can easily support the weight of a car seat with the child sitting in it. It is really important to install such models correctly and that is why we advise you to seek the help of a child safety technician / expert. Centro Sguranta Auto Copii Romania can put you in touch with technicians / experts accredited by us in different cities.

2. If you really want a car seat with Isofix mounting, and your car does not have such a factory equipment, our recommendation is to contact a branded car service where to buy an original isofix kit that to install it on your car. After installing the Isofix kit, please contact us so that we can recommend a suitable car seat (depending on the positioning that the service will do for this isofix system on your seat).

Regardless of the choice made, do not forget the 3 important elements that you must keep in mind when buying a car seat:

1. Be compatible with the child’s age / height and weight
2. To be compatible with the car in which you are going to install it
3. Have passed an impact test ( ADAC , OAMTC, NTHTS, PLus, Which).

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