Scaun auto Graco SlimFit LX 3 in 1

SGraco SlimFit LX 3 in 1 Car Seat

Graco SlimFit LX, an All in One seat, the only car seat you will need for your child.
This Graco SlimFit LX 3 in 1 Slate car seat is very comfortable for the child and extremely practical for the parent, as it allows the transition simple from a 0-18 kg group car seat that mounts with its back to the direction of travel to a 15-36 kg group car seat that mounts with its face to the direction of travel.
Graco Slimfit LX is designed for comfort and child safety when traveling long distances by car, offering 4 reclining positions, including sleeping position, 10 headrest adjustment positions and a 5-point seat belt.
A special feature of the new Graco SlimFit LX car seat it is possible to adjust the belt system at the same time as the headrest position is adjusted (in one of the 10 adjustment positions). The special ESP foam system provides the best protection for the baby’s head area in the event of a side impact, and the steel-reinforced frame is a guarantee that the little one enjoys maximum safety while driving. Graco Slimfit LX is an All In One chair that grows with the child. Graco SlimFit LX is the chair in which you will take your baby out of the maternity ward, the chair in which he will travel to his grandparents, to the kindergarten and the chair in which he will arrive safely at school! All these special features make the Graco Slimfit LX the only car seat your child will need!

• It is an All in One car seat, recommended from birth to 12 years (or 0-36 kg).
• Can be used in 3 ways: car seat group 0-18 kg, belonging to the category of RearFacing seats Extended, which is mounted with the back to the direction of travel in belts, car seat group 1-2 with clamp in ISOFIX, mounted with the front to the direction of travel, or car lift with backrest (group 2-3) in which the child is secured by car seat belt.
• The seat of the car seat can be easily adjusted in height, with one hand, in one of the 10 positions, practically increasing with the child.
• The length of the seat belts adjusts automatically when you adjust headrest height position, which greatly simplifies the use of the Graco Slimfit LX car seat.
• Offers 4 reclining positions, including sleeping position, making it a perfect, extremely comfortable seat for long-distance car travel . The modular support for the glass is very practical, and allows a better organization of the space on the rear seat of the vehicle.
• The side impact protection system (Side Impact Protection ™) is integrated even at the headrest for child safety to be maximum.
• Sitting lined with ESP Foam (with memory) for extra comfort during long journeys, the Graco Slimfit LX has a reinforced steel frame, thus protecting the child like a plateau in case of an unwanted event. br> • Intuitive guide for fastening the seat belt in the case of mounting with the back to the direction of travel, or mounting in ISOFIX facing the direction of travel so that the seat is fixed to the seat. the machine at a maximum of 40 ° C, without squeezing.

Features Graco SlimFit LX 3 in 1 Slate car seat:

• Group 0-1-2-3 Recommended from birth and up to 12 years (0-36 kg). walking up to 12 years (36kg).
• Backrest with 4 tilting positions.
• Height-adjustable headrest in 10 positions.
• Support for rotating and detachable cup, save space on the bench.
• Special storage compartment for the seat belts.
• Fastening system in the vehicle belts, when mounted with the back to the direction of travel and in the ISOFIX system when mounted facing the direction of travel.
• Side impact protection with True Shield technology.
• EPS, energy-absorbing foam for efficient energy impact management.
• Reinforced steel frame.
• Integrated belt locking system for easier seat belt installation.
• 5-point harness.
• Newborn insert.
• Designed and tested to fit according to the American FMVSS 213 standard.
• The SlimFit car seat has been tested for side impact.
• Complies with European safety standard R44.04.

Technical details Car seat Graco SlimFit LX 3 in 1 Slate:

• Dimensions (LxlxH): 50.49 x 41.2 x 64.77 cm.
• Weight: 8.8 Kg.

What Graco has to offer with the new SlimFit LX seat:

A safe seat for babies weighing up to 13 kg:
• Pediatric orthopedic experts have studied the effect of the forces exerted on an impact on a baby’s body. The unanimous conclusion was that the safest way to carry a baby is with your back to the direction of travel. Here are the scientific explanations: when the child is transported with his back to the direction of travel, in the event of an impact, the car seat absorbs the energies generated by this impact and not the child’s body. This way of positioning the car seat with its back to the direction of travel leads to a 73% greater protection of the child’s head, neck and spine.

Why is it good for babies to travel with their backs to the direction of travel?
1. Most car impacts are frontal (62%) or lateral from a font angle (25%).
2. At the time of impact, the child’s body is projected forward, which can lead to severe trauma. If the baby, whose spine is fragile, not completely ossified, is placed in a chair positioned facing the direction of travel, at the time of impact, the limbs and head are projected forward, putting a lot of pressure on the cervical region (neck). baby).
3. If the baby is placed with his back to the direction of travel, the car seat is the one that absorbs the impact and fully protects the baby’s body.
4. The reasons why it is important to protect the cervical spine of a baby are that at a young age it is hypermobile, not completely ossified. Moreover, in a baby, the weight of the head represents approximately 25% of the total body weight, so the neck area is exposed to a higher pressure during the impact than in the case of an adult.
5. European legislation recommends that babies be transported with their back to the direction of travel as long as possible, at least until the age of 15 months.
6. A practical investment for any parent: The same car seat grows practically with the child and can be used from birth to the upper age limit (weight) imposed by law.

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