In this section we will try to keep you up to date with various European RAPEX Alerts (ie reports of child car seats or accessories for child car seats reported as dangerous through the European Early Warning System)
  1. Lionelo Jasper.It is a car seat approved according to standard R44 / 04 from group I, II and III (9-36 kg).
The detected problem is related to the headrest, the area that does not provide the necessary protection to the child’s head, which can result in serious injury in case of impact. Acesta e motivul pentru care acest scaun auto a fost raportat ca fiind nesigur, tara raportoare fiind Olanda. Here are the other dangerous car seats available, unfortunately on the Romanian market should be withdrawn from the market, being marked as Serious Alert according to the alerts issued by the European Commission: 2. Avionaut Glider (reporting Country: Slovakia): In case of impact, the belts cannot be easily unfastened, resulting in release problems. Not in accordance with the approval standard R44.04
3. Chipollino Comp (reporting country: Slovakia): risk of rupture of the plastic casing and risk of large displacement of the head area in case of impact, which can result in extremely severe injuries. Not in accordance with the approval standard R44.04
4. Coto Baby Jazz (reporting country Slovakia): Risk of carcass cracking in case of impact, with severe damage to the head area and difficult release in case of impact
5. Concord X-Bag (Reporting Country Slovakia) – Product not in accordance with type-approval standard R44-04 (risk of injury to head area and cervical spine in case of impact)
6. BeSafe iZi Go X1: rapporteur country Germany. Problem: when used in combination with the Isofix base, the connection may weaken in the event of an impact, leading to injury to the child. The product does not comply with UN / ECE standard No. 44-04.
7. Kinderkraft Mink: reporting country Poland. Problem: The handle is poorly attached to the seat, which can lead to detachment of the seat and injury to the child. Measure required: withdrawal from the market. Consumer Return Page:
Here is the link European Commission through which you can find all the necessary information to be able to contact the seller from whom you bought it, in case he does not contact you directly: Child Safety aims to inform you in time about all these types of European Dangerous Car Seat Alert , or about the results of the latest independent impact tests performed by ADAC, WHICH or Plus for your baby or child to always travel safely!