Do child car seats change after an accident? it is a question we receive more and more often from parents.

Traffic on public roads in Romania is increasingly chaotic, and road safety rules are not always observed by road users.

This is one of the reasons why the number of road accidents in our country is so high.

Lately, we have met more and more often with situations in which parents ask us how to proceed if the car seat in which they were transporting their children was involved in a car accident.

Here are our recommendations regarding child car seats involved in a car accident.


  1. When we need to consider changing our car seat:

When the car in which the car seat is installed (with or without a passenger child) was involved in an accident at a speed of more than 10 km / h, regardless of whether or not the seat shows signs of damage.

  1. What steps we need to take to obtain compensation:

  • We fill in the Amicable Finding form in the section under the Remarks section: car seat present in the car. If a finding is made to the Police, the Finding Report must mention the presence of the car seat in the car at the moment of impact


  • Contact the insurer mentioned on the RCA policy of the vehicle whose driver is guilty of causing the accident
  • We present to the insurer the proof of purchase of the car seat: fiscal receipt, invoice
  • We contact the distributor or importer in Romania of the respective car seat brand and ask them to issue us a document by which the manufacturer recommends the replacement of the car seat involved in an accident. You can often find this information in the car seat manual. If you do not have the contact details of the distributor, please contact the consultants of the Child Safety Foundation to facilitate the obtaining of these documents.
  • The insurer of the vehicle driven by the guilty driver will open on the basis of these documented Non-Auto damage file
  • If you no longer have the tax receipt or invoice certifying the purchase, the insurance inspector will evaluate a similar seat at the market price and will make you an offer of compensation.
  • If you accept the insurer’s offer, you must return the car seat involved in the accident to receive the full amount. If you do not hand over the seat, then only 50% of this estimated value will be refunded.



The car seat involved in a car accident must NOT be used, regardless of whether or not it shows signs of mechanical damage, as there may be microcracks in the plastic structure and the seat will no longer be safe if it is involved in -another accident.


Until the case is resolved, Children’s Car Safety Foundation through Centers its accredited in Romania provides you with a car seat corresponding to the age, height and weight of your child.







Please contact us for such situations at or or by phone at: 0771799312

We hope our tips are helpful if you have been through such an event.

Children’s Car Safety Foundation, a full member from Romania of the European Transport Safety Council ( ETSC ) is the only non-governmental organization in Romania that aims to educate parents, grandparents, adults responsible for the safe transportation of small passengers.


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