Scaunele auto: erori de instalare si utilizare

Car seats: installation and use errors

A car seat is one of the essential items that a parent buys before the baby is born and that he will use constantly, starting with those fantastic months in which 2 hours of sleep together can sometimes seem like a dream. Perhaps this is also the reason why some deprived parents often make dangerous mistakes in installing and using a car seat.

Dr Benjamin Hoffman, a pediatrician and child safety technician, said: “Out of 4,000 car seats checked, only 13 were properly installed.”.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? How could someone install a car seat incorrectly? What mistakes could be made in such a simple operation?

The good part is that, when properly chosen and installed, car seats are extremely effective in protecting the lives of young passengers, says Dr. Dennis R. Durbin, director of the Department of Emergency Medicine Research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “When you use a car seat correctly, you can be sure that your child will survive an accident with very few injuries, or even no injuries.”

Let’s take it step by step and identify together the most common mistakes made by parents when using a car seat:

  1. The mounting of the seat with belt fastening is not firm
Scaunele auto: erori de instalare si utilizare

How to check: grasp the base of the chair with both hands. If the seat is installed correctly, its base must not move sideways more than 2.5 cm right-left. If it moves, it means that the grip is not firm enough. This is the most common mistake found by child car safety experts.

What is the danger : in a collision, the child sitting in a car seat fixed too weakly, can be projected into the front seats, resulting in serious injury to the little one in the head and face

2. The seat belts are not tight enough

Scaunele auto: erori de instalare si utilizare

How to check : if after the child has been placed in a chair and secured with the belts, you can pinch their textile material, it means that they are not tight enough.

What is the danger : A child who is not secured with his / her seat belts can be thrown out of this device at the time of impact. In this situation results both the serious injury of the child and of the other passengers in the car, the little one’s body turning into a projectile.

3. Placing the child facing the direction of walking too early

Scaunele auto: erori de instalare si utilizare

We are often tempted to overestimate the child’s age and the progress he is making. We want “adults” too quickly.

In the case of car safety, this can be extremely dangerous, the consequences being the most serious.

How to Check : According to the American Academy of Pediatrics , children must travel with their backs to the direction of travel until the maximum weight or height limit of the used car seat allows this. Until recently, the experts of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend the age of 2 years as the age until the little one to travel with his back to the direction of travel, but the current recommendation no longer specifies a specific maximum age.

What is the danger : The bones that protect the child’s spinal cord are still forming. When a child travels in a car with his back to the direction of travel, his back, which is the strongest part of his little body, can better absorb the immense force generated in an impact. When a small child is placed too early facing the direction of travel, his head is simply catapulted forward, which can lead to fracture of the spine and sectioning of the spinal cord at risk of paralysis or even death.

4. Car seat mounted with its back to the direction of travel at an incorrect angle

Scaunele auto: erori de instalare si utilizare

How to check : you can make sure that the mounting angle is correct when the kick’s head does not fall in front. Check the car seat installation instructions to find out the correct mounting angle and how to adjust it properly.

Specialists from the Child Safety Center have developed a program to check the correct angle of installation of the car seat, a useful program for seats that are not provided at the factory with boloboc (such as new models of car seats Besafe: Izi Twist and izi Tower).

What is the danger : the child’s respiratory tract is very narrow, about the diameter of a straw. If the car seat is installed with the back facing in the wrong direction at an incorrect angle, the child’s head (which is heavy and represents at a young age about 25% of the child’s total weight), may fall in front, obstructing the trachea and resulting in suffocation of the baby.

5. The car seat belts start from the incorrect position

Scaunele auto: erori de instalare si utilizare

How to check : most evolutionary car seats have 3 slots in the backrest through which its belts can be passed. The lower two are for the Rear-Facing position (ie seats installed with the back to the direction of travel) and the top for the Forward-Facing mounting: facing the direction of travel. Only the scarecrow slot, intended to move the belts in the forward position in the direction of travel, has a special reinforcement that keeps the belts safe in the event of a collision. Many parents, however, turn the chair and forget to move the belts.

What is the danger : when the child is sitting in a chair facing the direction of travel, the lower slots of the seat cover, through which the belt passes, can break during collisions, resulting in catapulting the child from the seat with serious injury and of the other passengers.

6. Early discontinuation of car seat or booster lift.

Scaunele auto: erori de instalare si utilizare

The car’s seat belt is designed for an adult with a height of more than 150 cm. Many parents think that the chairs are only for babies and give up using them very early, at the age of 4-5 years.

How to check : The car belt must correctly pass through the middle of the collarbone and hip.

What is the danger : in the case of an imapc, the child whose body is too small for the car belt can suffer severe injuries to the internal organs, head, spinal cord or can even be catapulted from the car.

7. Using a second-hand chair

Scaunele auto: erori de instalare si utilizare

The prices from which good car seats start, those really represent safety systems and not only fake systems, the fines given by the Police are quite high, which somehow limits the parents’ access to them.

Thus, many are tempted by the offers of sites that sell used products. If this is not dangerous for a stroller, in the case of a car seat we must be extremely careful..

How to check : it would be ideal to buy a car seat from a known person, who we know has been or is not involved in road accidents.

What are the dangers : if the car seat was involved in an accident (and with and without a child sitting in it), its plastic structure may have been compromised and the seat may no longer provide protection necessary or even dangerous in the event of a new impact. Also, the plastic structure may crack (imperceptibly with the naked eye) but the seat has expired (ie if it has deposited the term for which it is guaranteed by the manufacturer) and again does not provide the necessary protection.

Car seats: installation and use errors is an article that wants to come to the aid of conscientious parents, who have already purchased a car seat and want to use it correctly, so that it fulfills its purpose for which it was created. namely to protect the little passenger while traveling by car.

We look forward to seeing you at Child Safety Center to help you install the seat correctly car or make the necessary adjustments as the baby grows, so that you can rest assured that the little one is traveling with the car really safely.

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