Car seats 0-4 years appear more and more on the market, and parents, for both economic and practical reasons are tempted to opt for this option, skipping the shell.

But the reality shows that there are few car seats that can be used for more than 6 months.

The specialists of our Centers have identified 2 models that we propose to you in case you want to make the transition from shell to car seat earlier than 6 months (more precisely after the age of 4 months).

  1. BeSafe Izi Twist B

Scaune auto 0-4 ani









Besafe iZi Twist B i-Size car seat : 180 degree rotating model, which combines a baby car seat and a child car seat into one through the unique BeSafe Baby Shell ™ and Newborn Hugger ™ systems. The BeSafe iZi Twist B i-Size passed the toughest impact test in the world – the Plus Test . It offers an advanced level of comfort and adaptability for the little passenger. The rotating system allows you to easily place / remove the child in / out of the chair, rotating it towards you.

Triple-layer safety from birth

The innovative Baby Shell ™ system for unique protection from birth

Side impact protection (SIP) built into the seat frame

Additional protection against SIP + side impact with a custom shape

Delicate and protective headrest by the innovative Dynamic Force Absorber ™

It is a seat tested on impact with excellent results by PLUS and ADAC.

Approved according to the latest R129 regulation.

Allows children to travel in maximum safety until the age of approx. for 4 years.


2. Britax-Romer Dualfix i-Size

Scaune auto 0-4 ani










DUALFIX i-SIZE is the most flexible option for the child – from birth to 4 years (105 cm) (CSAC note – we recommend this chair after the age of 4 months – not from birth) . The 360-degree swivel seat offers maximum comfort for parents and children and can be used with front or back orientation. In addition, due to the lateral rotation, the seat can be turned towards the car door, so the placement and harnessing of the child is very easy. All combined with an elegant and modern design and our expertise in child safety in cars – for your peace of mind on any trip. 360 DEGREE ROTATION

  • 360-degree rotation makes it easy to move the seat from rear-facing to front-facing without the need to reinstall the seat. In addition, the seat can be directed towards the open door of a parked car, so that you can place your child more easily. Then simply turn the chair in the desired direction of travel until it locks in place and you are ready to leave.


  • The recoil bar not only helps prevent the child seat from tipping over on impact, but can also be adjusted by 8 degrees. This allows you to easily adjust the bumper bar at the back of the vehicle seat and gives your child 10% more legroom.


  • The integrated SICT inside offers superior protection to your child in case of a side collision. The SICT inside keeps the child away from impact while absorbing energy. And you don’t have to adapt or adjust anything – SICT inside is always ready when you need it.


  • In the event of an impact, the patented Pivot Link system directs the force downwards, towards the vehicle seat and then towards the front, more easily – considerably reducing the risk of head and neck injuries.


  • Rear-facing car seats offer the best protection in the event of a frontal collision – the most common type of road accident. In a frontal collision with a seat facing back, the impact forces are directed towards the back of the seat, while the remaining energy is spread evenly over the head, neck and upper body. With a front-facing seat, the impact energy is distributed differently between the seat structure and the restraint system – which can result in a large influence on the child’s body. We recommend that children travel back and forth for as long as possible.


  • The wide, soft and padded wings act as a protective cocoon that helps absorb force from a side impact, reducing the risk of injury to your child.


  • Specially designed to control the movement of your child’s head, the V-shaped headrest provides optimal protection in the event of a side collision, while providing maximum comfort. In addition, the headrest and belt can be easily adjusted from the front of the seat to fit the child’s height.


  • Our new high-performance neoprene chest cushions fit comfortably on your child’s chest. They help reduce the child’s movement in the event of a collision and improve the comfort of the belt in 5 points. In addition, they can be easily removed for washing without disturbing the belt.


  • We believe that the 5-point seat belt is the safest way to secure your child in a car seat because it will keep your child safe. In case of collision, the belt distributes the impact forces in 5 points, two at the shoulders, two at the hips and one in which the belt tightens between the legs. This will help protect your child from all directions of impact.


    • The support leg provides additional stability for the car seat via the vehicle floor. It minimizes tilting and rotating movement and reduces forward-facing forces exerted on your child in an accident situation, helping to protect them. For a secure installation, the support leg can be adjusted to best fit your car. The easy-to-read indicator will show when the support leg is firmly positioned on the floor of the vehicle.

The specialists of the Child Safety Centers in Bucharest and Constanta recommend that you use the shell for the transport of newborn babies and move to a seat in the larger group later, after the child exceeds the maximum weight or height limit until it is approved.