The ADVANSAFIX IV R car seat has been developed so that children from 9 to 36 kg and can travel safely and comfortably – ideal for every family. Due to the FLIP function & amp; GROW, you can go from the integrated 5-point harness to the 3-point seat belt as your child grows up with just a few simple steps. In addition, the ADVANSAFIX IV R offers maximum flexibility and protection for all ages due to its advanced safety features.


EasyRecline is suitable for all ages and allows you to adjust the seat to three comfortable positions. Even with your child in the chair and without having to readjust the Top Tether – absolutely convenient for both the child and the parents.

ISOFIX Pivot Link system patented by Britax Römer

In the event of an impact, the patented ISOFIX Pivot Link system directs the force first down into the vehicle seat and then forward more easily – greatly reducing the risk of head and neck injuries to your child.

5-point belt

We believe that a 5-point belt is the safest way to protect your child in a car seat because it will keep your child safe and tight inside the seat. In the event of a collision, the belt distributes the impact forces in 5 points, two at the shoulders, two at the hips and one between the legs. This will help and protect your child from all directions of impact.

High-performance chest pillows

Our new neoprene chest pillows fit comfortably on your child’s chest. They help reduce the child’s movement in the event of a collision and add increased comfort to the 5-point belt. In addition, they can be easily removed for washing without disassembling the belt in 5 points.


SecureGuard will help and protect the delicate area of ​​the child’s abdomen by adding an additional point of contact – the 4th point of contact to the 3-point seat belt. By keeping the seat belt in optimal position over the child’s pelvic bones, SecureGuard helps reduce abdominal forces in the event of a frontal collision by up to 35% * and, at the same time, allows the child freedom of movement during travel.

* Internal tests of Britax Römer with a Q6 manikin, representing an average child of 6 years

Advanced side impact protection – SICT

The SICT offers superior protection to your child in the event of a side collision. Reduces impact forces by minimizing the distance between the car and the car seat and deforms to absorb energy before reaching the child. For protection, simply adjust the SICT on the side of the car seat closest to the door.

V-shaped headrest

Specially designed to control the movement of your child’s head, the V-shaped headrest provides optimal protection in the event of a side collision, while providing maximum comfort. In addition, the headrest and harness can be easily adjusted to fit the child’s height.

Top Tether

Thanks to its double anchor points, the V-Tether offers greater stability and safety for your child than a seat with conventional support ties. The V-Tether prevents the seat from rotating and reduces the child’s forward movement in the event of a collision. In addition, its unique stitch pattern is designed to break progressively in a controlled manner, absorbing the force of frontal impact.

Detachable cover

Things can get pretty dirty on the road. Drinks can spill and children can have car sickness. That’s why we designed a washable seat cover in the washing machine, which can be easily detached without removing the 5-point belt, so you can quickly clean and continue on your way.


When your child reaches 15 kg and a maximum of 18 kg, you must change the 5-point car belt with the 3-point seat belt to secure your child in the seat. Thanks to the FLIP & amp; GROW , this is now possible in a few simple steps. Simply adjust the headrest and store the belt in the back so you don’t get lost. Then rotate the FLIP adjustment board & amp; GROW so that SecureGuard is positioned on top and you are ready to go.

This car seat model has been tested by ADAC getting a total score of 2.3 and a safety score of 2.3.

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