Parents and industry representatives were looking forward to the results of the various car seat models at ADAC testing October 2020.

They were not long in coming and, as always, the experts of the prestigious German Automobile Club gave their verdict on safety, ease of use, ergonomics, the quality of the textile materials of the covers and the way of maintenance, care of the analyzed models.






14 models were tested: 4 shells, 6 chairs from the category of those recommended up to the age of 4, 3 hoists with backrest and own belts and 1 hoist with backrest without belts.

We can only rejoice that in this edition, there were no models that performed poorly or very poorly in any of the testing tests.

As for the winners, we note a remarkable result of the Cybex Aton B i-Size shell, namely a total score of 1.7 (from the Silver line of the German car seat manufacturer), the excellent result obtained by the Joie i-Spin Safe marrow (namely score total 1.6 with safety score 1.2), as well as the performance of the Maxi-Cosi Morion backrest lift (ADAC 2.0 score).

Testarea ADAC Octombrie 2020


These good and very good results obtained by the models subjected to ADAC testing in autumn 2020 indicate that the big brands of the car seat manufacturing industry have understood to respect the strictest safety standards and to offer parents truly high-performance devices.







You can consult HERE the complete list of seats tested by ADAC from 2015 until now and you can find out HERE information on the exact testing procedure of the prestigious German Automobile Club.

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N.B. The information and photos that illustrate the post are taken from the ADAC website.

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