Test Impact ADAC

The ADAC testing in autumn 2019 brought in front of the examiners 20 models of chairs, chairs chosen directly from the shelves of specialized stores in Germany.

Of these 20 seats, 12 received the test rating: Good, 4 seats received a satisfactory rating, 4 received poor ratings for the large amount of pollutants in the cover, and one seat was intended for older children.

Make and model ADAC Score
Group 0-1.5 years
Albert Swandoo+ Isofix Base 1.6
Albert Swandoo 1.7
Bugaboo Turtle + Isofix Base 1.8
Peg Perego Primo Viaggio i-Plus 1.8
Jané Koos i-Size R1 + iPlatform 1.9
Bugaboo Turtle 2
Jane Koos i-Size R1+iPlatform 2
Jané iMatrix + iPlatform 2.3
Hauck iPro Baby 4.8
Hauck iPro Baby + iPro Base 4.8
Uppababy Mesa i-Size 5.5
Uppababy Mesa i-Size + i-Size Base 5.5
Group 0-4 years
Joie i-Spin 360 1.8
Hauck iPro Kids + iPro Base 2.8
Group 0-12 years
Joie Verso 3.1
Group 1-4 years
Besafe iZi Kid X3 i-Size 1.8
Group 1-12 years
GB Everna Fix 2.4
Group 4-12 years
Renolux Renofix 1.9
Britax Romer Kidfix2 S 3.1

Here is the interpretation of the final notes:

0,5 – 1,5: very good 

1,6-2,5: good

2,6 – 3,5: satisfactory

3.6 – 4.5: sufficient

4.6 – 5.5: not recommended

Out of these 20 models, the impact tests ranked the absolute winner as the model BeSafe iZiKid X3 , model recommended for the age group 1-4 years (even if other seats have a better final result, the highest rating for safety this model was received and tested on all the places where children can be placed in the car.
For information on the safety score for each model, we will return in a later article.

Note the special performance of a new-trade, Swandoo , a “hybrid” model as described by its inventors, a seat that you can test in the Children’s Car Safety Center from Bucharest.

There are very bad grades for 4 models of chairs, the main reason for their declassification being the very high concentration of pollutants, such as Uppababy Mesa, models that contain a very large amount of a toxic, flame retardant substance, TCPP, non-compliant with European directive 2014/79 / EU, or the two Hauck models containing Naphthalene , a carcinogenic substance.

Learn more about how they are performed and how to interpret the impact tests ADAC in the section Children’s Car Safety Center.