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The results of ADAC car seats children 0-4 years old are among the most sought after information by parents concerned about the safety of their children in the car

Among the seats in this group are many of the models that can be used for a longer period with the back to the direction of travel, the so-called “Extended Rear-Facing” or “ERF” category.

In the 6th column you will find the safety score obtained by each model in the test performed by ADAC.

There are models on the list who, although they got a good or satisfactory score on the safety tests, have a totally bad ADAC score due to the toxicity test of the material. In the case of those models, the total score is actually the score of the toxicity test (not counting the weight of the other evaluations). This is because ADAC considers that hazardous substances with carcinogenic potential must be eliminated from the composition of materials used in the children’s products industry.

We recommend that you consult the section dedicated to impact tests ADAC , WHICH, Plus, OAMTC for more information about how to perform, the periodicity and interpretation of these tests.

Rezultatele testelor ADAC scaune auto copii 0-4 ani

We recommend that you inform yourself well before purchasing a car seat, because these items are safety accessories and must correctly fulfill their role of protecting the child in case of impact.

It should be mentioned that in this section which includes the results of ADAC car seat tests 0-4 years are included only the evaluations of those seat models sold on the German market, models manufactured by serious companies, which assumes the risk of impartial, objective testing. ADAC tests do not evaluate brands but chairs, so you can see that the same brand had successful chairs, excellent in performance, but also chairs with less satisfactory performance.

At the request of other partners such as WHICH or Consumer Protection from various states, ADAC also performs tests for models not included in this list, but this information is not published on the official ADAC website, but in countries that have requested these statements.

The specialists of the Child Safety Center are at your disposal with information about each model in part and with details related to the way in which these seats behaved during the tests (frontal, lateral, rolling or rear impact). Also, our specialists can provide you on request information about the test results for some seat models not included in this list, models tested in other countries.

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