In the category of car seat accessories, we present some useful products designed to increase the safety and comfort of the little passenger.

  1. Diono Site Rite car seat leveler

Diono Site Rite car seat leveler

Level the car seats with your back to the direction of travel and position the children at the appropriate angle.
It is imperative that a newborn travel at the right angle – Diono Sit Rite intelligently helps to correctly position a car seat with back to the direction of travel.

• The dense foam will not flatten and fit well into the contour of the vehicle seat.
• Do not use with car seats that use the car base.
• Can be used with any car seat facing backwards in the direction of travel. .
• Can be cut according to the width of your seat.

2. Diono Easy View and See Me Too Rearview Mirror Set

Diono Easy View and See Me Too Rearview Mirror Set

The set includes Easy View Mirror, with rear seat headrest mounting system and See Me Too Mirror, with car rearview mirror fixing.

The Easy View mirror will get rid of the worry of permanently turning your head back to see what the baby is doing when traveling by car with the little one.

Easy View attaches to the headrest of the rear seat of the car, so you can see in the rearview mirror everything the baby does.

The adjustable mirror allows you to see everything that happens in the back of the seat.

The See Me Too mirror attaches to the rearview mirror of the car and has a curved shape to clearly see what is happening in the car.

3. Diono Seat Guard Complete rear car seat protection

Seat Guard Complete provides all the features to protect the interior of the upholstery from marks and scratches, as well as a complete rear panel.

The high-density modular foam provides a straight and stable surface, ideal for preventing damage caused by heavy car seats and dirt left by the child’s shoes when the car seat is placed with its back to the direction of travel and on the seat when the seat is seated. facing the direction of travel.

The durable outer shell ensures longevity, while the raised edge retains dust, dirt and impurities.

Compatible with all types of car seats and ISOFIX.

Dimensions : L 115 cm l 50.5 cm H 6.3 cm 

4. Protective Cover and Organizer Backrest Chair Diono Stuff ‘N Scuff

This organizer will help you arrange all the essential accessories for your baby when traveling by car.

The organizer has multiple pockets in which you can place baby bottles, wet wipes, diapers or baby toys.

The cover protects the back of the chair from scratches and dirt.

The organizer is equipped with an adjustable strap that allows you to attach it to any type of car seat.

5. Breathable protection AeroMoov BBC organic Flamingo

AeroMoov Belgium has developed a new concept for eliminating overheating and perspiration in the car seat, stroller or dining chair. It is based on a 3D honeycomb structure, through which air circulates freely.

AeroMoov technology is based on an open 3D honeycomb structure:

95% air: ensures higher air permeability and optimal ventilation.
5% technical fabric: 1 square meter can support a weight of up to 2,000 kg.

Conclusion: a layer of air is created between the body and the car seat, stroller or dining chair.

AeroMoov antiperspirant protection is suitable for any type of car seat for children and offers pleasant comfort every season.

In summer, the 3D honeycomb structure prevents the baby from sweating. Excessive body heating is eliminated due to the honeycomb structure, it provides a pleasant and comfortable environment around it.

In winter, due to the antiperspirant protection and the air that circulates continuously through it, the car seat will create a pleasant sensation of warmth, the body temperature being regulated by means of protection.

The AeroMoov protection has incorporated in the child’s sitting surface, a sheet made of 80% organic cotton, soft, with small holes, which does not obstruct the air circulation, thus increasing comfort.

Due to this additional protection offered, the car seat will remain as new for a long time.

AeroMoov antiperspirant protection helps to better control body temperature, so it is recommended in any season.

In summer, children warm up very easily in the car seat, stroller or dining chair. Due to the 3D honeycomb structure, the warm air emitted by the body is evacuated and fresh air is supplied from the environment. As a result, excessive body heat can dissipate without problems. In this way, the body temperature is kept under control, which limits overheating.

In winter, through the honeycomb structure, the hot air inside the car is supplied very quickly, to the seat of the child seat, thus taking over the ambient temperature and offering the necessary comfort to the child..

The protection structure AeroMoov does not risk to be pressed in time due to repeated washing and use, this material being guaranteed by the manufacturer, with resistance to a pressure of up to 2,000 kg / sqm.

Antiperspirant protection for children is universal, and can be adapted to any type of car seat (depending on age group), stroller or table seat.