Car seats 6 months-4 years old are the most “hunted” category by parents, being also the category of seats in which most has been invested in recent years in terms of technology, design, and especially marketing.

In this category we can include 4 types of car seats:


In this category, we find remarkable models such as:

Graco Ascent, the first American car seat to pass the toughest impact test for Rear-Facing seats, the Test Plus , an absolute premiere and a remarkable success for Atlanta engineers.

Scaunele auto 6 luni-4 aniHere are some other special features that the Graco Ascent car seat recommends as one of the safest and most comfortable child car seats:

  • the possibility of installing it on an isofix base IsoFamily adjustable in 6 steps (the same base on which the SnugRide and SungEssentials shells can be installed – the two R129 i-Size approved shells of the Graco brand)
  • Unique, patented side impact protection system: TrueShiled Safety Surround
  • 7-position adjustable headrest for near-horizontal sleeping position for baby
  • GracoAscent is used exclusively with the back in the direction of travel
  • Extremely competitive price, which brings closer to consumers with lower incomes tested car seats Plus (this category is not extremely accessible in general)



In this category we were impressed by several models such as:

  • BeSafe Izi Modular X1

BeSafe iZi Modular X1 i-Size is the updated version of the iZi Modular i-Size car seat. Like its predecessor, it is a flexible and space-saving security system that adapts to the ISOfix iZi Modular i-Size base.

Scaunele auto 6 luni-4 aniModelul nou fost îmbunătățit cu 3 caracteristici noi:

  • The Dynamic Force Absorber™ – the construction of the headrest raises the lateral protection to another level
  • Additional side protection SIP+ – it now has a sliding construction for a quick and secure attachment to the car seat
  • Ergo-Move Belt Protections ™ are developed with the help of AGR experts and provide and ensure the arms greater freedom of movement



And this category includes some absolutely remarkable models such as:

Britax-Romer SwingFix M

SWINGFIX M i-SIZE is a flexible seat for babies – suitable for children from 61 to 105 cm in height. Due to the rotation at 90 degrees to the open car door, the placement and operation of your child is child’s play. The SWINGFIX M i-SIZE will impress you with its wonderful features, but also with its award-winning design – for a safe and elegant journey.

Good to know: The SWINGFIX M i-SIZE model was tested by ADAC (ADAC Online 10/2018) with a rating of “GOOD” and a grade of 1.7.

Quality – Made in Germany 

  • We believe that product development and production should be as close as possible. That’s why the SWINGFIX M i-SIZE has been fully developed, designed and manufactured in Germany and has been approved only after numerous tests performed in our modern accidental testing facility. Thus we can guarantee the best possible quality for our customers and this applies not only to the components of the chairs, but also to the covers and fabrics, all made in Europe. This is to make sure that you and your children are always safe on the road.


  • BeSafe Izi Twist

BeSafe iZi Twist i-Size: car seat with swivel system, exclusive RF, tested Plus, which obtained the highest safety rating „Very Good” in the ADAC / Stiftung Warentest  test of May 2020. Owithout advanced level of comfort and adaptability for the little passenger. The rotating system allows you to easily maneuver the car seat, rotating it towards you, and Two-Fit Cushion ™ offers extra stability and comfort.

  • Side impact protection (SIP) built into the seat frame
  • Additional protection against SIP + side impact with a custom shape
  • Protective headrest by the innovative Dynamic Force Absorber ™
  • Passed the toughest impact test in the world: Plus Test
  • Approved by the latest regulation: R129 – i-Size
  • Allows children to travel safely up to approx. age of 4 years
  • Optimal air access through the ventilation system behind the car seat




Joie SpinSafe

A car seat for group 0+ / 1, tested Plus that can only be used with the back in the direction of travel from birth up to 18 kg, approx. age of 4 years;
· Rotates easily at 90º

· Use only with your back to the direction of travel
· It has an additional steel resistance and an additional head protection to offer even more safety;
· It has impact-resistant side protection panels (Guard Surround Safety ™), which provide shock absorption during an accident;
· The ISOfix system is installed only once, thus eliminating any difficulty of installation, for a perfect connection;
· It weighs only 13 kg, which makes it easy to transport – thus, it is one of the lightest car seats.


This last group includes several models, each brand striving to produce a representative, safe and ergonomic model..

GbVaya i-Size

This model completes the range of gb Platinum car seats. Recently certified BEST IN HIS CLASS by ADAC, GbVaya was created to provide maximum safety when traveling by car with a built-in 360 ° rotating system to facilitate access to the car for the baby and the parent.

The innovative car seat, GbVaya i-Size is equipped with a steering control system that prevents the positioning of the seat facing the direction of travel earlier than 16 months and 76 cm high.

The Gb Vaya i-Size has 12 headrest adjustment positions to keep up with your child’s growth rate.

on the sides of the chair to support the belt buckles until the parent positions the baby in the chair.

Cybex Sirona S i-size

Because it is the safest way to travel for your child, Sirona S i-Size offers the possibility to travel rear-facing, comfortable for children up to 105cm, about 4 years. The Direction Control System (DDC) prevents the use of forward-facing (facing the direction of travel) before the little one is at least 16 months old and 76cm tall. Sirona S i-Size also offers increased safety for your child in a forward-facing position thanks to the innovative Energy Reduction Technology (ER-Tech). It is activated as the forces reach their full impact in a frontal collision: the headrest slides down, progressively limiting the neck’s exposure to the impact forces and subsequently locks in position.

360 ° rotation with easy entry position

Rear-facing up to 105cm, approx. 4 years

Direction Control System

Britax-Romer Dualfix M i-size

DUALFIX M i-SIZE is the most flexible option for your child – from 6 months (61cm) to 4 years (105cm). The 360-degree swivel seat offers maximum comfort for parents and children and can be used with front or back orientation. In addition, due to the lateral rotation, the seat can be turned towards the car door, so the placement and harnessing of the child is very easy. All combined with an elegant and modern design and our expertise in child safety in cars – for your peace of mind on any trip.

The DUALFIX M i-SIZE will impress you with its wonderful features, but also with its award-winning design – for a safe and elegant journey. The DUALFIX M i-SIZE model was tested by ADAC (ADAC Online 10/2018) with a rating of “GOOD” and a rating of 2.1.

Long-lasting comfort for you and your baby While a baby carrier is an easy and portable option for the first few months of your baby’s life, as he or she grows up, you may prefer to use a car seat that stays in place. car. Then you will appreciate the 360-degree rotation, which allows you to easily place the child in the chair and use it easily. Suitable for children from 61 cm in height, DUALFIX M i-SIZE offers 12 reclining positions – oriented backwards and forwards – and an adjustable recoil bar for maximum comfort of up to 4 years.

– ADAC tested
– The inclination is easily adjusted and does not require reinstalling the seat
– The support leg is adjustable in 19 positions and ensures stability, safety for the best fit
– The installation indicator is conveniently located on the top of the base to confirm the correct installation of the support leg
– High quality soft materials
– Integrated side ventilation panels

BeSafe Izi Turn

BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size offers complete 360 ​​° rotation, the system can be easily used from any angle. We strongly recommend that you use this car seat with its back to the direction of travel up to 105 cm (approximately 4 years), but you also have the option of using it with your face facing the direction of travel, if necessary. The use and adjustment of the safety system is advanced and easy, and the Two-Fit Cushion features offer additional comfort and stability.


  • Side impact protection (SIP) built into the seat frame
  • Additional protection against SIP + side impact with a custom shape
  • Protective headrest by the innovative Dynamic Force Absorber ™
  • Allows children to travel safely up to approx. age of 4 years
  • Approved by the latest regulation: R129 – i-Size









Maxi-Cosi Axiss Fix

The AxissFix Maxi-Cosi car seat is a step forward in the evolution of your child’s car safety!

– This car seat brings to the state of the art – performance in car safety, being in accordance with the new EU safety standard i-Size, rotating 360 ° to facilitate the positioning of the child.

– Recommended from approx. 4 months at approx. 4 years (61-105 cm).

– The AxissFix Maxi Cosi seat is equipped with an ISOFIX system and offers the highest level of safety allowing two installation modes:

in the opposite direction of travel from approx. 4 months to 2 years (61-87 cm).

  • in the direction of travel from at least 15 months to approx. 4 years (76-105 cm).
  • Revolutionary 360 ° rotation system for extremely easy installation of the child in the car seat.
  • Simultaneous height adjustment of head restraint and seat belts.
  • Centralized installation mode selection system: facilitates changing the direction of travel.
  • Height gauge: helps you know when it’s time to change the direction of your walking position.
  • Belt fasteners: Keep the seat belt open when installing the child.
  • Special one-hand belt adjustment button.
  • Compact design: can be installed even in a small car.

These are the main models recommended for the age group 6 months-4 years, models that, depending on the make, model and specific manufacture of your car, you will notice that we highly recommend them because they represent everything that has produced better the car safety industry for children in recent years and are a guarantee that the little ones transported in them reach their destination safely.

All these models can be tested in Child Safety Centers in Bucharest and Constanta. We recommend that you test the car seat on the car and with the little one present to make the most appropriate choice.